Sport Literate is perhaps the nation's lone literary journal that examines sports through the lens of creative nonfiction. Primarily nonfiction. We publish poetry, too. We've had two writers republish their essays in the pages of The Best American Sports Writing. Little old us tucked in between the likes of The New Yorker and The LA Times. Read a back issue and send us work that goes deep. Beyond the fields of play. Further than nostalgic longings. 

At Sport Literate, we love baseball. In fact, we’ve published more essays and poetry about baseball than any other sport. But we’re expanding our horizons beyond the diamond for a contest that excludes baseball while offering Our Grandest Poetry Prize to Date — $500.

Can you be the bard to bring home that kind of scratch? That’s some nice walking around money for a poet. Here’s how to win it….

 You’ve got one shot — a single poem to impress the judges, though you can enter a million times if you like. Any original, unpublished poem that falls within our broad definition of “honest reflections on life’s leisurely diversions” qualifies. Except, of course, poems about baseball for now. The editors will read and send anonymous finalists (probably around a dozen) to Frank Van Zant, our contest judge. Frank simply picks his favorite.

Your $30 entry fee helps build the pot and gets you an issue of Sport Literate, which could be any back issue available online, or the forthcoming 2017 issue that you’re in contention for. But wait; there’s more. You’ll also receive a copy of This Loss Behind Us, the poetry chapbook we published in August. The back issue is your choice upon entry, but the smarter money might go toward studying an issue, alongside the chapbook, prior to submission. Just to see what’s catching our eye. Remember to enter your contest poem by our Veteran’s Day Deadline… November 11, 2017.

All entries should come through the Submittable tool on our website. All poems will be considered for future publications. 

Sport Literate is currently accepting quality poems that fit within our sporting theme. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Sport Literate accepts all forms of creative nonfiction for its annual journal. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere.